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Reform or Revolution

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Reform or Revolution, Rosa Luxemburg. Pathfinder Press, 1973. 

Vintage softcover. Some light curling to edges. Some light wear to spine. Previous price blacked out on cover. No markings inside. Very good condition.

Polish-born German revolutionary and agitator Rosa Luxemburg played a key role in the founding of the Polish Social Democratic Party and the Spartacus League, which grew into the Communist Party of Germany. As a political theoretician, Luxemburg developed a humanitarian theory of Marxism, stressing democracy and revolutionary mass action to achieve international socialism. (Britannica)

"Rosa Luxemburg was a socialist revolutionary known for her critical perspective. In 1887 she fled her homeland of Poland and completed her dissertation in Zurich two years later, in which she claimed that a socialism based in Polish nationalism is self-defeating. By 1913 Luxemburg was an important figure in the world socialist movement, known for her internationalist orientation and her theory that imperialism is intrinsically connected with capitalism. She argued against Leninism and its hierarchal conception of party organization, and against the fatal limits of revisionism. While in jail during WWI, Luxemburg penned her prophetic work The Russian Revolution, in which she exposed the compromises that would ultimately undermine the Soviet experiment. Luxemburg adhered unflinchingly to her radical democratic vision, and she was eventually murdered for it – by proto-Nazi thugs in 1919." (Jewish Woman's Archive)