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The Tomorrow Box

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The Tomorrow Box, Anne Chislett. Playwrights Canada, 1986. 

Vintage play script. Softcover. Previous owner's name on title page, "J Brennan personal copy". No other markings. Very good condition. 

Anne Chislett is a Canadian playwright from Newfoundland. Many of her plays “focus on the farm communities of southern Ontario, and typically feature strong, independent women struggling against stubborn men, or conflicts between parent and child, conformity and individuality.” (The Canadian Theatre, 2021).

“Lifestyles collide and old values are challenged in this fresh look at the gap between the generations and the even larger gap between the sexes. The Tomorrow Box tells the story of two marriages in an Ontario farming family. Newlyweds Joe and Alice are determined to make their marriage a loving and equal partnership. Joe's father Jack comes from the old school. A stubborn patriarch, Jack has always made the decisions and left his wife Maureen to make the dinner. Without consulting his wife, he sells the family farm to his son and buys a retirement home in Florida. Finally, after 40 years of putting her husband and children first, Maureen stands up for herself.” (From back cover)