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Simone de Beauvoir 70s vintage paperback collection

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French feminist, intellectual, writer and existential philosopher, Simone de Beauvoir was known for her analyses of women's oppression. Her work laid foundation for contemporary feminism. These Fontana paperbacks are absolutely stunning and difficult to find in good condition. The photographer of the cover art of She Came to Stay is Sally Patch, as stated on the back cover. Though not stated on the books, is presumed that it is Patch's work on the other three book covers. 


Beauvoir published her first novel She Came to Stay in 1943. The book is set just before the outbreak of WWII. It has been assumed that the novel is inspired by her and Sartre's open relationship, and sexual involvement with sisters Olga Kosakiewicz and Wanda Kosakiewicz.

 The Mandarinswritten in 1954, is a roman à clef following the personal lives of a group of French intellectuals in the early fifties. The book has themes of feminism, existentialism and morality. Iris Murdoch described The Mandrains as a "remarkable book, a novel on the grand scale, courageous it its exactitude and endearing because of its persistence seriousness (The Sunday Times)"

The Woman Destroyed was published in 1967 and is a collection of three long stories about and aging, relationships, and the decay of passion. “Witty, immensely adroit . . . These three women are believable individuals presented with a wry mixture of sympathy and exasperation. (The Atlantic)"

Beauvoir wrote Les Belles Images in 1966; a novel about a woman in advertising in Paris in the sixties. She addresses themes of mental health, consumerism, and gender roles. 


The Mandarins, Simone De Beauvoir. Fontana, Eleventh Impression, 1975. Vintage paperback. 

She Came to Stay, Simone de Beauvoir. Fontana, 1977. Second impression. Vintage paperback.

Les Belles Images, Simone De Beauvoir. Fontana, Fifth Impression, 1975. Vintage paperback. 

The Woman Destroyed, Simone De Beauvoir. Fontana, Fifth Impression, 1979. Vintage paperback.